Wedding & Handfasting Services

Weddings & Handfastings in Utah

For legal handfastings and weddings, my rates are reasonable and cover all aspects of the process, from the free initial consultation with you to the rehearsal and the ceremony. For a Celtic handfasting ceremony, I also include a session with the couple to help you construct your own traditional handfasting cord.

I have several pre-written ceremonies that a couple can adapt to their needs, or I can help you craft a completely unique and original wedding or handfasting ceremony that reflects your own needs and desires.

Fee structure

For most of my standard, pre-written ceremonies, my fees start at $300 and generally do not go higher than $450. For custom-written ceremonies or ones that require more involvement on my part, my fees start at $400. I usually meet with the couple at least twice and attend the rehearsal and perform the ceremony.

I do not require travel expenses within 30 minutes' drive (25 miles)  from the Salt Lake metro area. For weddings outside this area, up to 1.5 hours away (25-150 miles), I do ask for $25 per round trip, for instance, if I were to travel to the wedding site for both the rehearsal and the ceremony.

Last-minute weddings and elopements using one of my pre-written ceremonies without any other meetings or assistance range from $150-250, depending on the circumstances. A last-minute wedding is defined by the couple contacting me less than 48 hours before the wedding is to take place. Please note that on weekends, holidays and other in-demand dates, my availability is likely to be more limited, but please call to check.

Active members of the Church of the Sacred Circle can receive up to 50% discount on my services.

For most other ceremonies listed below, you will need to contact me for a custom quote, as every situation and ceremony is different and unique.

Destination Weddings and Handfastings 

I am willing to travel to perform ceremonies! I understand that it can be difficult for couples living in non-metropolitan or remote locations to find a wedding minister that reflects their views and beliefs. I generally require a fairly basic level of accommodation and minimal travel expenses for ceremonies that are outside a 1.5 hour drive (more than 150 miles) of the Salt Lake metro area. For areas that are farther than a 4-hour drive, or are outside the state of Utah, I prefer air travel if possible, which in many cases is a more economical option than driving. In such a case, the couple may need to arrange transportation to and from the airport as well as accommodation.

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